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Devin Harris A Star is Born Print E-mail
by Norm Hitzges    Tue, Dec 13, 2005, 03:37 PM

Devin Harris is a kid. You look at him and think that there is no way this kid could be of drinking age. Heck, you may have to card him for a rated R movie.

The progress of a young player is measured in short, sometimes zig zag steps. Harris was all over the place last year. His game was too fast for the league. His brain and his body would get out of whack. He would get caught up in the air. He would do stupid things. Nellie would take him out of the game and scream at him. Then put him back in the game and yell at him some more.

As I’ve been watching the Mavericks recently, I’ve been focusing on Harris. I believe that the progress of the Mavs to elite status is tied to the progress of Harris. Because Harris is the only pure point guard talent on the team.

Jason Terry is a terrific outside shooter and will make a terrific “morph” guard. He can play minutes at off guard and he can play minutes at the point.

But Harris is the most fearless driver of the basketball on this whole team. You take everybody on this club and the guy that will consistently throw his body into the mix master is Harris. And he is a kid!

I know that this is only a 3 game snapshot but consider the last 3 games of Devin Harris. He’s getting minutes. He’s playing the point. And, he’s playing well.

In the last 3 games (Memphis, Boston and LA), Devin Harris has played 91 minutes. He’s 11 for 27 from the field; that’s not good enough. But in the last 3 games he has shot 30 free throws. Let me repeat 30 free throws. He will attack the rim more than Dirk some nights. He will go down the lane with the basketball. He’ s gotten 8 rebounds and 13 assists…He could probably use more in those departments. He’s gotten 4 steals and 48 points.

But the one stat that jumps out at me…In 91 minutes…ONE TURNOVER. That is astounding. This is not a guy who plays it safe. With his type of game, one turnover is simply amazing.

Don’t get me wrong. Harris has a long way to go. But, when you get a young point guard who is making tremendous strives in not turning over the ball, you are ahead of the game. Harris right now is growing right into a good player right in front of our eyes.

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