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Barron's Columnist Calls Hillary Clinton "politically tone-deaf" By Tom Pauken Print E-mail
by Tom Pauken    Sat, Dec 10, 2005, 09:06 PM

Alan Abelson writes a weekly column for Barron's entitled "Up & Down Wall Street" where he gives his weekly take on the state of affairs of the nation and current financial trends.  He is one of the sagest writers on economic affairs in the judgment of many observers of the American economy. A skeptic on the "go-go" stock market of the late 1990s, he ultimately was proved right when that bubble burst although he was a little early in his call.  Now, he is warning that our negative savings rate and dependance on rising housing prices threaten the future growth of the U.S. economy.

What I got a kick out of in his latest column in the December 12th issue of Barron's is Abelson's view of how the Democrats can't get their act together anymore than the Republicans.  Here is what Alan Abelson has to say about the Democrats' leading contender for President in 2008:

"The Republicans are extremely fortunate in that their electoral opponents are Democrats.  As their recent history demonstrates persuasively, Democrats are distinguished by their uncanny knack of coming up losers, even when playing with a stacked deck.  Nothing better illustrates the profound futility of the party than than Hillary Clinton is a serious contender for the presidential nomination in 2008.

Apart from the fact that a sizable portion of the population foams at the mouth at the mere sound of her name, Ms. Clinton suffers from the rather severe handicap of being politically tone-deaf.  As witness her flip-flop to increasing militancy on Iraq, just as the public grows ever more disillusioned with our involvement there.  So though things look less than promising at the moment for next year's midterm elections, Republicans should never underestimate the awesome ineptitude of the opposition.

By the way, elsewhere in his column Abelson cited the Anderson Forecast on an expected decline in U.S housing starts in the future with the negative impact that will have on the U.S. job market over the next few years.  We are glad to report that the Dallas Blog picked up on that story as well this past Friday.

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