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Irvin Has a lot of Questions to Answer Print E-mail
by Norm Hitzges    Mon, Nov 28, 2005, 12:23 PM

Once again Michael Irvin finds himself in trouble with the law.  Friday afternoon at around 3:30pm Irvin was driving the tollway in Plano and was pulled over for "suspicion of speeding".  A run of his driver's license revealed an outstanding warrant for an unpaid speeding ticket in Irving.  As Irvin was getting arrested the police found a "drug pipe" in his vehicle.

Irvin was arrested and booked.  He paid the fine and bonded out on the Class C misdemeanor charge of possessing drug paraphernalia.  He explain that the pipe belonged to an friend of his who had just left a Houston rehab center to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Irvin.

For years it has been reported that during one of Irvin's prior arrests, he asked the arresting officers, " you know who I am?"  Well, I think a better question should be asked of Irvin,  "Michael, do YOU know who YOU are?" 

Michael Irvin is his own worst enemy.  He is bold.  He is controversial.  He is arrogant.  And he sometimes is is just plain stupid.  Michael, what the hell were you thinking?

1)  Why did your friend have a drug pipe?

2)  Did your friend leave the Rehab Center with the drug pipe?

3)  Were you keeping it for him?

4)  When you found out that there was a drug pipe did you immediately tell your friend to get rid of it?

5)  Why was the pipe allowed into your house in the first place?

6)  Why not put it in the trash at your house?

7)  You tell us you were so concerned about the pipe--you then forget that you put it in your car?

8)  Were there explicit rules about drug paraphernalia explained to your friend?

9)  Why wasn't the speeding warrant in Irving taken care of?

10)  You knew your knew the conditions you were hired under at ESPN, you knew there was an outstanding warrant, you knew there was a drug pipe in your car and you are speeding?

11)  Why didn't you inform ESPN IMMEDIATELY of the situation Friday afternoon?

12)  As an employer who took a chance on you, you didn't feel they deserved your honesty?

13)  You've been quoted as saying that you were simply trying to help a friend...Wouldn't the biggest single piece of help for your friend have been to stop the car and throw that pipe out the window as soon as you knew of its existence?

There are so many questions and such few answers.

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