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Good News Dallas
by Tom Pauken    Tue, Nov 8, 2005, 05:38 PM
norm-large.jpgFormer Dallas Cowboys QB Quincy Carter called our station yesterday. He said that he wanted to get the truth out in the public. He spent nearly 25 minutes speaking in circles. He sounded confused at times. He sounded frustrated at times. And, he sounded desperate at times.

My question is: why did he call? It is so easy to be mean to QC and to laugh at him. I’m not apologizing for QC…I am asking why he picked up the phone yesterday to call the station.

Where did he call from? Was he in rehab? Was he not in rehab? Is he bi-polar or is he not? Has the NFL suspended him or is he free to play as soon as a team chooses to sign him to a contract?

These are all good questions. But the question I have is why did he call?

He said that he wanted to clear his name. He said that he wanted people to know that he’s not bi-polar (as had been reported) and that he’s never used cocaine. But, the more that came out of his mouth, the more questions I had about him.

Sometimes a life reaches an edge. I don’t expect you to admit when you’ve reached your edge. I got the feeling while listening to that interview it was like a man throwing himself a life preserver.

Quincy may have reached his edge. There’s something that moved Quincy to do that at that moment. Legally was it smart? I don’t think his attorneys thought so. Did his appearance on the Ticket yesterday do anything to win back fans? I don’t think so.

I don’t know Quincy Carter well at all…But, I do know for some reason Quincy reached a point yesterday when he just needed to talk to somebody…Anybody. He just wanted to talk. He wanted to get things off his chest. Did he accomplish this? I don’t know.

And whatever you think of him as a player, whether you think he did cocaine or whether you think that he’s bi-polar, Quincy Carter is a human being. And when I listened to the interview I heard a man that was in a desperate situation.

I don’t know if this did any good for Quincy. But something moved Quincy to call. This is a life that’s gone horribly wrong. I just hope he gets the help that he needs.
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written by Hannah Zimmerman , June 03, 2008

Quincy Carter was recently signed to the Kansas City Brigade. Check it out at The Pitch.

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