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GUEST BLOG: PROPS 1 & 9 ARE TAX WOLVES By Sal Costello Print E-mail
by Special to    Tue, Nov 8, 2005, 12:22 AM

 In 2001 a proposition was placed as a referendum to voters that created the Texas Mobility Fund for better "mobility". I voted for it along with 67%. Only later we found it was the first "Tax Wolf in sheep's clothing". The ballot language of Proposition 15 did not openly and accurately inform voters that the special-interest plan would allow Perry's TxDOT to toll public highways for the first time in the U.S. and push the Trans Texas Corridor.

Today, Proposition 1 rail fund is another taxpayer trick. Prop 1 rail fund will costs taxpayers unlimited Billions of open-ended debt to subsidize private corporations' rail for wealthy contributors of Gov. Perry, Rep. Krusee & Sen. Staples. The private rail companies like Union Pacific are making record profits and just announced it's last quarter of profits was up 83%. The fund will help pay for new rail in Gov. Perry's $200 billion Trans Texas Corridor after he promised no public funds would be used. The Republican Party of Texas platform and over 30 counties have formally opposed the Trans Texas Corridor as the largest land grab in Texas history. Many of these same train-borne shipments are bound for city-centers and will ultimately be delivered by some means, strengthening basic safety regulations across the entire state is the responsible thing to do.

Proposition 9 allows a bloated bureaucracy of non-elected, therefore unaccountable Regional Mobility Authorities (RMAs) extended terms as they privatize and toll the public highways we've already paid for! Comptroller Strayhorn's report ( exposes the RMA's Double Taxation, unaccountability, conflicts, and board members giving NO BID contracts to their friends and themselves.

Sal Costello, Founder of People for Efficient Transportation PAC and

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