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Good News Dallas
by Marisa Trevino    Thu, Oct 27, 2005, 09:53 AM

I’m not sure if Dallas school trustee Ron Price actually brokered yesterday’s publicized (see Dallas News story) truce between some members of the rival Crips and Bloods gangs as part of a promise to end school gang violence, but he does deserve credit. He did bring the two sides together in a public forum and put them in the spotlight long enough to get them to say they’d try to stop their senseless fighting and killing.

The big question now is who will do the same for the Latino gangs?

Latinos comprise over 60 percent of the students enrolled in DISD. In a Dallas Morning News article, it was reported that from 2003-2004, the number of gang-related incidents in the Dallas school district was five times higher than Houston and every other large school district in Texas.
It just goes to reason that the majority of those “incidents” are being perpetrated by Latino young people.

I realize the Latino gang problem is especially difficult to conquer because we just don’t have home-grown turf gangs or ones that have migrated from either coast, but we have an infiltration of some ruthless creatures who come from Central and South America where they’re accustomed to intimidating and even corrupting local law enforcement.

It’s all about power.

But it’s a power struggle the Dallas Latino community can help win if we unite in understanding that combating gangs is not just a matter of getting tough with them but knowing that gangs are a symptom of intense poverty, despair, unemployment and yes, racism.

We don’t have the luxury anymore of looking the other way or waiting for someone else to deal with this gran problema.  Someone within the Latino community has to take the lead as Ron Price did.

Our futuro, the future of Dallas’ public schools and the future of the next generation depend on it.

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