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Good News Dallas
by Scott Bennett    Mon, Oct 24, 2005, 11:21 AM

Tommy Lee Jones
If you go to Google and type in “who will play JR” you will come up with 173 Web sites where that subject is under discussion. A month ago, when public speculation with specific names on that weighty subject surfaced, you would have found 13. A perusal of a sample of these sites would say it is John Travolta but Mel Gibson and Tommy Lee Jones are still in the hunt. Surely Dallas native Tommy Lee would be a hands down favorite if he wanted it?

Now if you Google “who will play Sue Ellen” or the name of any other character you get precisely226177-195252-thumbnail.jpg
John Travolta
zero sites. It appears evil pays. But there is informed speculation: Mama Ewing? Would you believe Jane Fonda? Sue Ellen? Catherine Zeta-Jones tops the list (for real type casting why not her hubby Michael Douglas for JR?) but Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez are still in the hunt (I vote for Demi). Bobby? Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson head the list. And finally for LucyTexan Jessica Simpson is considered the inside favorite along with Lindsay Lohan.

Jane Fonda
At this point no one knows when the movie will be out. The real question here is why is anyone making this movie and why do all these high-powered stars want to be in it? Jane Fonda?

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