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"Get a Doctor, This Man's Critical"... Print E-mail
by Bill DeOre    Fri, Oct 21, 2005, 05:29 PM

...The immortal words spoken by every T.V. hero after he'd dispatched the bad guy.

Lately, these words are falling on deaf ears. Now our hero might have to resort to extolling "make an appointment with a doctor that can see this guy before next week".

Recently, I received a letter stating that our family doctor was retiring. The let down was made a little softer by inserting the business card of a perfectly willing and capable replacement...Fine...

Fine until your kid gets sick and needs to see said doctor. I made the call to the new guy's office on Monday and was told the sick one could see the doctor the following Friday. I explained that we were former patients of Dr. so-and-so and that Dr. such-and-such had been referred as his replacement.

"Oh, in that case,you'll have to come and meet the doctor for an 'introduction visit'. You can do this anytime".

OK...Here's where we are... My kid's sick and can see the doctor in 4 days but I'm not sick and can see the doctor anytime?... Oh, by the way, it will be treated as an office visit and you'll be expected to pony up a co-pay...

Newest line by our T.V. hero. "Body, heal thyself".

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