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Good News Dallas

Welcome to - the Blog of Dallas. is intended to be a news and viewpoints, online newspaper. Our Texas writers will comment on major issues affecting our community, state, nation and world. It is no slam at Dallas’ only daily newspaper to say that competing news sources make for a better community. We will attempt to give our readers insights into various issues and public personalities that you may not see in the pages of the Dallas Morning News.

We will do things differently in more ways than one. First, we intend to invite you to Blog here. Yes, we will have our own reporters and our own commentators who write for Dallas Blog. But, we give you the opportunity to respond to our stories and viewpoints by posting comments on our site.

Moreover, anyone can email us a proposed story or viewpoint and we will consider it for publication. But, anyone can post an unedited comment on an article or a viewpoint at any time. We only ask that you keep the discussion civil.

Our goal is to be an independent voice for those “forgotten Americans” who don’t have lobbyists in Austin and Washington representing them, but who simply want a better community, better state, and better nation.

Thanks for joining us here at Dallas Blog.

Tom Pauken, President of Dallas Blog, Inc.

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